AppleCare+ vs Safeware

We offer two separate extended warranties for Apple laptops that are purchased from us: either AppleCare+, which is Apple's extended warranty, or Safeware, a 3rd party warranty company we work with.

Both warranties extend and supplement the initial one-year Apple limited warranty, as well as cover accidental damage, but there are notable differences in how each warranty works:


  • 3-Year coverage from date of purchase
  • Provides hardware service for undamaged computers at no charge
  • Provides hardware service for damaged computers with service fees of either $99 or $299, depending on the extent of the damage
  • Unlimited incidents
  • Accepted at our campus Repair Shop, as well as any Apple store or Apple authorized repair location


  • 3 or 4-year coverage from date of purchase
  • Provides hardware service and covers the cost of repairs costs up to the original price of the computer. For instance, a computer priced at $1849 would have that amount available for repairs. Each repair is treated as an out-of-warranty repair through Apple and billed to Safeware, consuming part of the warranty until exhausted. Typical Apple repairs (such as display, top case, logic board) typically cost $600-700.
  • For undamaged computers that are still within the one-year Apple limited warranty, repairs are covered through Apple, so it does not consume any of the Safeware warranty
  • For damaged computers and computers outside the one-year Apple limited warranty: each repair will consume part of the Safeware warranty
  • No service fees at the point of service, provided there are sufficient funds remaining on the warranty
  • Accepted at our campus Repair Shop. Finding a repair location off-campus may be challenging.