Computer Requirements - incoming students


Dartmouth requires all students to own a computer that meets minimum hardware requirements and works on the Dartmouth network.

We believe that starting with a computer that meets these minimum requirements will enable students to have a useful computer for their four years at Dartmouth.  These requirements for the incoming students are noted below:


Macintosh Computers

  • Hard Drive Size: 256 GB
  • Minimum RAM: 16 GB
  • Operating System: Macintosh OS X 11.7.6 or higher

Windows Computers

  • Hard Drive Size: 256 GB
  • Minimum RAM: 16 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Professional or higher


You may choose to purchase your computer anywhere as long as it meets the minimum requirements and works on the Dartmouth network.  The Dartmouth Computer Store however offers some advantages:


  • All computers sold through the Dartmouth Computer Store meet the college's hardware standards.
  • You'll receive an educational discount when buying through the store, and can have warranty service performed on campus.
  • If purchasing Apple Product - they offer a BACK TO SCHOOL Promo
  • All students that purchase a computer package from the Computer Store are also entitled to a free loaner if your machine needs to come in for a warranty repair at our service department.
  • If you bring a Computer and it does not meet the minimum requirements, there could be some applications that you will not be able to access with your current system.

As an incoming student, in mid-May you'll receive your Dartmouth NetID and password.  At that time, you can go online to this page to view packages we're offering, and, if desired, place and order with us.

If you already own a computer, or plan to buy one elsewhere, please be aware that you WILL NOT be entitled to a free loaner at the Computer Store, and will be charged a service fee by them if service is needed.

If you have questions about the minimum requirements, or our packages, after you received your NetID in mid-May, call the Dartmouth Computer Store @ (603) 646-3249 or send an email to the [email protected].