General terms & conditions

All departmental purchases must be charged to a legitimate Dartmouth College account number, and only a regular employee of that department with a valid Dartmouth ID may sign for the merchandise.

An individual may purchase from The Computer Store if he/she has a valid Dartmouth ID and if he/she is:

a) a faculty member

b) a regular staff member (not temporary, not employed as a contractor, not acting as a consultant)

c) a student enrolled in a course of study leading to a degree from Dartmouth College or its professional schools. Entering students who have been accepted to Dartmouth College or its professional schools and who have responded by stating his or her intent to enroll are also eligible to purchase from the Computer Store.

The predominant use of the computers purchased under this plan must be in support of the academic mission of Dartmouth College and its associated graduate schools.

Equipment is not to be purchased by departments or individuals for resale.

Signing for receipt of the goods purchased at The Computer Store constitutes a full acceptance of the terms and conditions for purchasing merchandise from The Computer Store at Dartmouth College.

Merchandise found to be defective within 30 days of date of purchase should be returned to The Computer Store for diagnostic evaluation.

All sales are final.

Anyone found to have violated these rules may lose their privilege to purchase equipment at The Computer Store, the appropriate dean or department head may be notified, and information pertaining to the violation may be sent to local dealers.

As an individual purchaser of a Microsoft Software product, you certify that you have not previously purchased the same product (version) from The Computer Store.